This guy is awesome!  He even got my under-bite just right!  Highly recommend!  Signed, Buster.

This man is phenominal and his work is breathtaking. He was open to all my ideas and even brought his cheat sheet with him of my requests. He truly wanted to make sure it was "our day". My son loved him and responded so well to him. I cannot describe the emotions. If my tears were captured on film, I am still not sure you could fully understand my overwhelming feelings. The music in the video describes all that I wish for my precious baby and the amazing pictures tell our beautiful, family story. This was truly a "super awesone" (as my 3 yr old would say) experience. You have made me one happy mommy with a beautiful, amazing memory that will truly last a lifetime. I just cannot express in words how extraordinary this experience was.

... Michelle Dunn


Our experience was beyond what I expected but was everything I was looking for! He took took the time to look at my outfits and had a pretty plan in mind. He immediately was coming up with shot ides. Very detail oriented with lighting and excellent at different lighting techniques! Easy to get along with and fun to work with, I couldn't have asked for a better session and the price was not an issue. Very reasonable especially for the work he puts in! Thank you SO much!

... Adrienne W


Amazing!!! From the moment we met we was filled with confidence because of the professionalism and wonderful personality! Truly an amazing person with a beautiful eye for art.  We absolutely love our photos and highly recommend Ed to anyone looking for a a wonderful photographer!! Thank you again!

... Carla and Louie


"Edouard is a great photographer, who really listens to and adjusts to the needs of the client. He is creative, finding ways to take great shots where most people would not notice anything special until they would take a look at his picture(s). He is very kind, accommodating, and attentive to detail. I highly recommend him."

... Chloe and Stephane


"I want to thank you Ed for taking such lovely photos of our recent wedding and scenes afterward. We feel very fortunate to have found such a professional that is easy to work with. I literally forgot you were at the ceremony as you were never obtrusive but captured amazing shots. And the slideshow you put to music is wonderful. You have given us a beautiful collection of memories of our special day and we are so appreciative!"

... Barbara Schroeder


"Very professional and amazing to deal with!  We can't wait to schedule another session with them. Hopefully within a month :-) Highly recommended."

.... Megan L.


"O.k., that was so much fun that I need to do it again.  I loved the beach and I love Florida.  Most of all, I love you for making me feel so comfortable!  You are a gentleman and a professional!  Oh, and the pictures are MAGNIFICENT!"

.... Sally Patin


"What you do is beautiful Edouard.  Thank you so much for understanding my personal issues with my body.  I love your work and I cannot believe that I am looking at me when I see those pictures.  I really am beautiful!  Thank you!"

.... Janet McBride


"Edouard, thank you so much for being so patient with my son.  I cannot believe you won him over!  Although it took a few hours, you did finally win just like you said you would!  I love the pictures and I know he will appreciate them many years from now."

... Sincerely, Annette


"I recommend Edouard Zak Photography with all my heart.  Edouard is just amazing and I cannot say enough good things about him.  He really does care!  My shoot was sixteen hours long!  He knew I was nervous and he just stayed with me until I was comfortable and relaxed.  He took the time to take me to lunch and then dinner!  He said he would not leave me until I got what I wanted and by the end of the day, I was so happy with my pictures that he was right.  I am coming back every year on my "anniversary" until I'm too old and you kick me out!"

.... Your, Ms. Oh my God I cant do it!  Dana


"I love my photographs Ed.  I didn't think you can do it but you did.  My husband and I have a few more ideas and I will talk to you about them soon, but I see Thailand and tigers in our future!  I hope you are ready for another good time!  L'Chayim"

.... Sincerely, Leana and Abe


"A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!  Thank you so much!  Amazing pictures!!!  I recommend you highly to anyone.  Just so everyone reading this knows, I have always been self conscious about a big scar on my body but Ed's pictures are amazing.  I'm so happy~

.... Love always, Lisa H.


" We are delighted with the photos you took, Ed.  I also cannot thank you enough for taking the time to work with the family.  We are not very photogenic, to say the least, but somehow you made us look like we just walked the Red Carpet."

.... Your Friends, "The A Team", Ari and Abigail